Business relocation in Europe cheap than China and better quality, Made in Vlora is a new European oportunity to relocate your manufacturing facilities or your sales department in a perfect offshoring location, reducing operations cost, paying less taxes and increasing your business in all Europe, Made in Vlora project is supported directly by the Albanian government, the city of Vlore government, the Veneto Banka, Gruppo Veneto Banca Italy and the Univeristy Ismail Qemali of Vlore

Business relocation for offshoring manufacturing processMade in Vlora offer to the global industries, offshoring production and business relocationDifference between China and Vlora business relocation

THE MADE IN CHINA VS. MADE IN VLORA: there are several reasons to produce and doing business in Vlora, following see some advantages to start producing and/or decide to have a virtual business in Vlora. Vlora is the new solution for industries to produce high quality products with an incredible cost. We invite the Chinese industries to start producing in Vlora to be most competitive in the European market ... START YOUR BUSINESS RELOCATION HERE

Business relocation, manufacturing process and sales operations from VloraOffshoring production and manufacturing process in Europe


Manufacturing and business facilities relocation in EuropeMade in Vlora industrial Park CHARACTERISTICS AND TOPICS CHINA VLORA
Technology park for research and development in Vlora EuropeBank financial credit support to your business in Vlora Geographic Location China is located in Asia

Vlora is located in Europe front to Italy in an strategic location for easy shipment and connections

Certified manufacturer vendors to support your businessResearch and development in Vlora Business staff languages Chinese and English

English, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, French and Albanian.

Vlora is the gateway location for your European businessVlora offers virtual office for your business and branches Manufacturing Workers languages Chinese

English, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, French and Albanian.

Business centre to support international investorsOpen your new company in Vlora easy as one day procedure Skilled technitians languages Chinese

English, Italian, Spanish, German, Greek, Turkish, French and Albanian.

Permanent office help for new Vlora corporationsMade in Vlora international export sales department Manufacturing facilities Available in join venture

Available for foreigners

Professional multilingual Call Center from Vlora to Europe and whole worldMain Albanian corporate laws to open new companies Logistics Worldwide from Chinese's port

Worldwide from European's port

Albanian immigration laws for workers and industrial peopleMain reasons why you should open a business in Vlora Cost for New company Registration RMB 8000 = Euro 967 = US $ 1263 Euro 785 = US $ 1021 (* until June 30, 2012)
Main tax benefits for new business and investors in VloraMade in Vlora logistics to all Europe Cost of Company Maintenance RMB 6000 = Euro 726 = US $ 947 / year Zero
Vlora has technitians and skilled workforce for any manufacturing and business fieldVlora has an incredible quality of life and great future as permanent vacactions place Minimum Company Bank account deposit RMB 150000 = Euro 18140 = US $ 23691 Euro 50 = US $ 65
Safe locations of the Adriatic and Mediterranean sea, perfect business environmentMain partners of Made in Vlora, Albanian government project Cost of manufacturing workers

RMB 3500 = Euro 423 = US $ 552 / month (plus insurance)

Euro 250 = US$ 327 / month (insurance included)

Vlora city government as official government sponsorVeneto Banka from Gruppo Veneto Banca Italy for financial and business credit Cost of skilled technitians RMB 7000 = Euro 846 = US $ 1105 / month

Euro 500 = US$ 650 / month

University of Vlora "Ismail Qemali" as main sponsor of Made in VloraIndustrial development environmental friendly area Office Rent Cost in Beijing or Shanghai RMB 20000 = Euro 2418 = US $ 3158 / month

Euro 500 = US$ 650 / month

Vlora is one of the main ports of Albania 100 Km from ItalyHistory of Vlora Albania Cost of industrial land (35 years) RMB 840 = Euro 101 = US $ 132 / square meter

Euro 30 = US$ 39,30 / m2 (35+35 years)

Main economy development of the region VloraGeography of Vlora in the heart of Europe Cost of Virtual business office Not available in China

Euro 300 = US$ 393 / month

Vlora demography, people, race, culture and religionVlora is a perfect place for summer and winter tourism vacations and fun Cost of Call center RMB 8000 = Euro 967 = US $ 1263 / month

Euro 350 = US$ 455 / month

Tourism and fun in Vlora, winter mountains and summer beachIndustries established in Vlora Albania - Made in Vlora Goods shipment time to Europe 40 days by Sea Freight - 7 days by Air Freight

5 hours by sea freight (to Italy) - 1 hour Air Freight

Industrial Jobs availableNews Customs taxes in Europe from 9 to 100% it depends of products

1% for semi-finished products from Vlora to Italy

Apply to open your New Business Company Annual corporation Income taxe 25% of Annual profit

10% of Annual Profit (Incoming less Expenses)

Apply for Industrial Manufacturing Facilities Relocation Quality of life Asian style European style in vacations environment
Made in Vlora an Albanian industrial development projectDeslocalizacion industrial y comercial en Valona Albania Raw material suppliers mainly from China From European countries and China
Delocalizzazione produttiva e commerciale a Valona in Albania Manufacturing vendors Chinese vendors Qualified Vlora and European vendors
  Business centre to help investors Not available

Professional staff to support each investors before, during and after start doing business in Vlora

  Tax benefits for Industries Not anymore Only 7,5% to 15% of annual profit
  Manufacturing facilities Not available in main cities

Industrial park Available

  Type of food Chinese food

European, olive oil, pasta, fish, wine, cheese,... Meditteranean diet food










Vlora is become the new China in Europe, offers great chance to European and American industries to be competitive in the industrial world business market with facilities in Europe to sell into the most important markets Italy, England UK, Russia, Germany, Spain, Austria,...


Made in Vlora offers new European location for success, relocation was not ever easy for international manufacturing industries and business investors mechanical industries relocation, solar panel manufacturers, fashion apparel suppliers, chemical products manufacturing, new technology industrial supply, automotive parts vendors and industrial products manufacturers. Vlora in Albania is become the new China in Europe, to develop new industrial project from raw material manufacturing, to final products for suppliers to the following markets: Italy, Vietnam, Austria, France, USA, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukrania, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in the USA, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Australia, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Perý, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, China, Thailand, Japan, Australia, Austria, Finland, Germany, France, England, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Uruguay,  Japan, England, Russia, Scotland, Italy, Ireland, Norway, Russia, Canada, US, Japan, Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Australia, China, Germany, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Dubai, Bahrain, Russia, Denmark, Norway, Bahrain, Holland, Spain, Sweden... and offshore worldwide industrial investors


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